How it works

New to renting? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how to rent your clothes.


Select your items.

Browse through the premium products and choose your items, the size of the item and the quantity you need. 

You have the option to provide the measurements on the product page before you order. If you do not have the measurement ready while you order, do not worry; we will call you and collect your measurement after you place the order.

Select your event date.

We deliver the ordered products to your doorstep 3 days before the event date, so please select the exact date you are planning to wear the dress. 

Make the rental Payment.

Our website has secured payment options using debit card, credit card, UPI, Net banking etc.

We alter the product to fit your perfect.

We customize your dress as per your measurements. So you will get a personalized dress which exactly fits your body shape. This is very important for you to look sharp on your big day. You may not get this option when you buy a ready-made dress.

We Deliver to your Door.

We will ship your dresses many days in advance to make you feel less anxious about the arrival date. We have chosen the best nationwide delivery partners to ensure your items deliver on time. 

All the items will arrive ready to wear in our reusable garment bag. Items are dry cleaned and delivered to you at your door.

Own The Moment.

Style and Wear the premium dress on your special day. You are one among the many millions who saves the planet by reusing the garment. We are proud of you!

Own the Moment and earn lifetime memory. Let Wedding vendors take care of the wedding items and the hassles associated with it.

Return the dress.

Don't worry about cleaning the dress after the event, we will take care of it for you. Our delivery partner will come to you to collect the items. Return the item in the same bag you received. 

Return the Security Deposit.

We will evaluate the dress for any damages and return back your security deposit.

Still have Questions?  

Call or Whatsapp us at 813-699-6669